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  Since the days of her early youth, Debra Fleck has passionately sustained a true love for chocolate. To her, there is simply no better taste in the world than rich, pure chocolate. Epiphanie Chocolate is the culmination of Debra's love and quest for chocolate...gourmet specialty chocolates.  
  Debra Fleck  
  In fact, it was in her early teen years when she had her first chocolate epiphany - at a local shopping mall, Debra witnessed a chocolate making demonstration. While other teens her age were scouting out the latest fashions, Debra stood, enthralled by the chocolate, observing and tasting as the minutes and hours slipped past. She left having spent her entire shopping budget on molding trays and a large bag of unprocessed chocolate couverture. Her chocolate making passion had been ignited.

Upon graduation from Baylor University in Texas (Debra was awarded a scholarship as a skilled NCAA fastball player), she returned to Calgary AB, Canada, was married, and enjoyed an opportunity to be a homemaker with her children while taking some time to further develop her skills as a chocolatier. She tirelessly researched and experimented with chocolate, always with a penchant for achieving the most exquisite taste and beauty in presentation.
  Debra was bold, always pushing the limits ­ if she couldn’t find adequate chocolate couverture locally, she would source overseas, researching agriculture techniques for cocoa beans, and finding the finest growing areas. Certainly, Debra¹s friends, family and neighbours were fortunate; they were the ones she accessed to taste her various chocolate creations, seeing if they could discern the many subtle flavour notes she inflected. Soon, the Fleck kitchen became especially chaotic, as demand for Debra¹s chocolate creations burgeoned to the point where she truly required a commercial kitchen and a formal business launch.

The commencement of Epiphanie Chocolate in fall 2008 has been a dream come true. Debra's exquisite, fresh chocolates are available from Epiphanie Chocolate’s retail location at 1417 11th St. S.W. Epiphanie Chocolate delights in catering to special events. Check back regularly to find out where you can experience your unforgettable chocolate Epiphanie.
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