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  Epiphanie Chocolate is passionate about chocolate.  We uncompromisingly use the very best ingredients to make our extremely delicious heavenly creations. Countless hours of research have gone into every facet of the chocolate making business. We import from chocolate manufactures who make the world’s finest chocolate. Where the cocoa beans come from and how they are manufactured is important to us. Our chocolates refine gourmet chocolates.  
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  Epiphanie Chocolate provides corporate customers with an outstanding gifting opportunity to both clients and staff. We have received rave reviews from our customers that have delighted their clients with our chocolates as gifts. This is a perfect way to impress and show appreciation.

Debra, Epiphanie Chocolate founder, creates fun at team and corporate events through her chocolate tasting presentations where she captivates her audiences with the art of chocolate. Her audience samples their way around the globe through the finest chocolate available.

Epiphanie Chocolate is now available at their flagship store in Calgary. We are located at 1417 11th St. S.W. We are also at FARM, a great innovative eatery with fine food at 1006 - 17 Ave. SW. Our chocolates provide a fabulous after dinner taste experience. These tasty morsels don't fill the way a full desert does and for many patrons they are the perfect way to cap off a wonderful meal. They also pair fabulously with a great glass of wine.
  Epiphanie Chocolate retails their chocolate at 1417 11th St. in Calgary.

Our fillings are made from the finest natural ingredients. We search the world looking for the best ingredients for our chocolates. We make all our fillings in small batches ensuring the best quality control of our chocolates.

We produce both molded and truffle creations. Primarily we produce molded chocolates and these are essentially the same as truffles yet are formed into a distinct shape. Many of our chocolates are covered with colourful designs. Demand is high for our dark chocolates yet we also have a selection of white and milk chocolates. Our molded chocolates have distinct festive shapes to enhance the fun of eating our chocolate. Enjoy the pleasure of savouring some Epiphanie Chocolate.
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